Crisis Communication & Leadership: Lessons on Ninth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

Gerard Braud Hurricane Katrina Crisis

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the crisis known as Hurricane Katrina. My contention is that the failure to plan for crisis communications lead to nearly 2,000 deaths in the city of my birth, New Orleans. I’ve given many speeches on the topic, focusing on what happens when leadership is lacking in a crisis.  (see […]

Crisis Communications: 3 Steps to Take to Manage Social Media Trolls

Troll Blog

By Gerard Braud Would you let social media trolls take over your social media sites? In your crisis communications plan what pre-determines how you will deal with social media trolls? Social media trolls are usually mean-spirited people who hide behind an anonymous persona and live for the joy of making other people miserable by posting […]

Crisis Communications: When Social Media is Mandatory, When it is Optional, and When it is Useless in a Crisis


By Gerard Braud Many thanks to Shel Holtz for his crisis communications podcast that explores whether there is ever a right time to take your social media sites dark during a crisis. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Some folks are appalled at the suggestion of taking a social media site dark and they […]

12 PR Questions to Ask About Ferguson

Michael Brown Crime Scene

By Gerard Braud Crisis communications, public relations, media relations and community relations are a background story worth analyzing as the events of Ferguson, Missouri continue to unfold. From a crisis communications and public relations standpoint, here are 12 questions you should ponder. 1) Did the rules of public relations and crisis communications once again lose […]

Social Media Is Not Always the Right Fit for Reaching Your Audience in Every Crisis


By Gerard Braud When I mentioned on a blog and BraudCast video recently that sometimes in a crisis, taking your brand Facebook page dark may be the best option, I expected a lot of pushback or differing points of view. Crisis colleague Melissa Agnes posted the observations below and I want to share them with […]

Black Twitter, the Shooting of Michael Brown, and Crisis Communications In the Age of Social Media

michael brown case 2

By Gerard Braud The events in Ferguson, MO warrant the need for community leaders to activate their crisis communications plan, if they have one. But the power of Black Twitter, amid the protests, presents an amazing crisis communications and public relations case study. Generally, protesters win the public relations battle against any establishment during a […]

Social Media Complicates Ebola Crisis Communications

Ebola Facebook Crisis video Gerard Braud

By Gerard Braud [ If you've come to read this crisis communications post via a link by Agnes, please read my full response and rebuttal to her via this blog update. ] A glance at the Emory Healthcare Facebook page magnifies the complexities of crisis communications in the age of social media. I’m not a huge […]

Crisis Communications Management: The Ebola Expert vs. The Social Media Celebrity Alarmist

Trump Ebola 2

By Gerard Braud Social media complicates crisis communications, especially when an expert is pitted against alarmists and detractors on social media. Crisis communications and crisis management get more difficult when the social media alarmist is a celebrity. Donald Trump has taken to his Twitter account to say that people with Ebola should not be brought […]

Three Media Training and Crisis Communications Tips for Doctors and Employers


By Gerard Braud The current Ebola crisis has the media calling upon their medical experts to communicate about infected patients being flown to the United States for treatment. Media training for this type of crisis requires you to have a plan for how your doctors and physicians will respond if they are called upon to […]

3 Secrets to Undervaluing a Crisis Communication Plan

Braud Crisis Plan Stock Quote

By Gerard Braud Your expert crisis communication and public relations feedback is invited on this crisis communications case study. A global company called to inquire about my crisis communication plan program and training. Their corporate revenues are $2 billion dollars annually. The company stock trades at about $66 per share. It has about 8,000 employees […]