Crisis Communications Checklist: Four Hidden Problems that Lead to Failure

Free Crisis Plan Gerard Braud

By Gerard Braud Public relations people are always searching for a free crisis communications checklist, as though some expert in crisis communications has the magic solution in a free template. Just search for crisis communications checklist, or free crisis communications checklist or free crisis communications template and you’ll see what I mean. The problem with […]

1 Confusing Name and 3 Things You Need to Know to Have to an Effective Crisis Communications Plan

Bowl of soup

By Gerard Braud Imagine this: You are eating dinner at a major corporate event. The event is only serving soup for dinner. You need only a spoon to eat the soup. However the table is set with a knife and fork. You don’t have the right tool for the right job. In other words, you […]

A Crisis Plan vs. a Crisis Communications Plan

By Gerard Braud One of the greatest problems in crisis management today is a lack of consistent definitions and names for the various plans needed by a business. You may read this and recognize you don’t have what you need. Crisis Plan Many companies have a document that they call a “Crisis Plan.” What they […]

7 Disturbing News Media Trends and How They Are Complicating Your PR Job

By Gerard Braud If your job is to communicate with the media, your job is becoming more complicated because of these disturbing news media trends: Trend #1: Media Speculation CNN has taken the sin of speculation to an all time high with their 24/7 speculation regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370. In the future, […]

The Conclusion of Disturbing Television News Trends

Daily show Mocks CNN

By Gerard Braud It is all about ratings. Television news is all about ratings. What gets on television news is less about the public’s need to know for the betterment of society and more about drawing in viewers, so as to increase advertising revenue. Television news is a business for profit, where once it was […]

How to Write a Crisis Communications Plan?

Gerard Braud Crisis Communications Plan

By Gerard Braud How to write a crisis communications plan? That is a PR question asked daily by corporate communicators. How about I show you how to write a crisis communications plan? How about we do it together? How about we take my 20 years of crisis communication plan templates and customize them so they […]

Disturbing Television Media Trend Bonus #8: Bad Imitation is Not Flattery


By Gerard Braud It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But in television news, imitation is usually the sincerest form of panic and desperation. Case in point: On June 3rd the Today Show’s Al Roker planted a prize in a park in Dallas, Texas, then gave out clues on Twitter […]

Disturbing Television Media Trend #7: Unconfirmed Reports

Black Hole Theory CNN Malaysia

By Gerard Braud If the story of Chicken Little was told today, there is a strong likelihood that it would quickly be picked-up by, and reported by, the television news media. It would go like this: Chicken Little would have an acorn fall on her head, she would scream, “The sky is falling.” Minutes later […]

Disturbing Television News Trend #6: Social Media Backlash

DUmb parents tweets sailing

By Gerard Braud Social media is like a compass. A compass has 360 degrees or points on it. If you face one direction, the opposite direction is 180 degrees from you. In social media, any time you take a position on a topic, you can be assured that someone else has an opinion 180 degrees […]

Disturbing Television News Trend #5: Caught on Video

US coast guard saving family at sea

By Gerard Braud For three decades I’ve used the sarcastic mixed metaphor, “If a tree falls in the woods and it is not caught on video tape, is it news?” Never has this been more true than in today’s camera phone and social media sharing world. In the world of news, print can tell any […]