How to Keep a CEO From Talking Too Long in a Speech: PR Tips


In this video, crisis expert Gerard Braud shares a follow-up video featuring public relations professional’s answers on the question, “How do you keep your CEO from talking too long in a speech?” He has received answers on social media featuring PR tips and media relations tips. Now he is featuring those tips in this video, […]

Asking for your PR opinion: What is your best tip for writing great quotes for news releases?

By Gerard Braud –     As a corporate writer or public relations professional, capturing the attention of your audience and writing effective news releases, let alone great quotes, is not an easy task.  That is why I am asking you to contribute to our weekly communications and PR discussion questions by sharing your best advice with your […]

Sharing Your Advice on Talking to a Spokesperson After a Bad Media Interview

By Gerard Braud –     One messed up media interview can negatively impact your organization’s reputation and revenue. So, how do you, as a public relations professional, address your spokesperson after they have made mistakes in their media interview? On Monday I asked corporate communicators and media relations professionals for their best advice for […]

Maverick Media Training: 3 Secrets to Greater Media Interview Success

Gerard Braud media

By Gerard Braud (Editor’s note: You can learn more about this topic by attending Gerard Braud’s pre-conference session at the IABC World Conference in New Orleans. Register for only $250 today. “Rise to Perfection in Media Interviews” on Sunday, June 5, 2016 from 1:30–4:30 p.m.) Have you ever put a spokesperson through media training, only […]

Crisis Communication Discussion Question: How Long Should the Plan Be?

How long should a crisis plan be Gerard Braud

By Gerard Braud – This week we are posing a question for corporate communications, public relations, and crisis communications experts. The question is, “How long should a crisis communication plan be?” There are plenty of crisis plans available on the internet. Is a six page crisis management plan long enough to  communicate effectively on your […]

If Your Leadership Team Listens to Corporate Lawyers More Than They Listen to the Public Relations Team How Do You Rectify That?

By Gerard Braud – Each week we seek your best public relations practices on the BraudCast. Your discussion question this week is, “If Your Leadership Team Listens to Corporate Lawyers More Than They Listen to the Public Relations Team How Do You Rectify That?” What are your best public relations and communications practices to ensure that your voice […]

The Lovebirds of Luling, Louisiana: The Passing of Allen & Sophie Braud


How fitting it is that my mother, Sophie Mongrue Braud, passed away this morning on this beautiful Mardi Gras Day at the age of 91. My dad, Allen Joseph Braud, passed away just 47 days ago on Christmas Day at the age of 90. Since the day they got married in 1949, this is the […]

You answered: Should social media be a part of your crisis communications strategy?

By Gerard Braud – Social media has changed the way that corporate communicators must react to effectively manage a crisis. This week public relations and media relations professionals from all over the world shared their advice on whether or not social media should be part of their crisis communication strategy. Their expert opinion is featured today and every week on the […]

When Crisis Strikes: 3 Ways to Think, Act, and Communicate Like a Reporter


– By Gerard Braud You can’t turn on the television without a major crisis, tragedy, or disaster dominating the 24-hour news cycle. Through what lens do you view these events? If you’ve never done so, try to watch events unfold with the eyes of a crisis communications expert. Focus on deadlines, timing, and how quickly, […]

The Graduation Speech Crowdsourced by Social Media: Louisiana Tech University Commencement Address by Gerard Braud

Tech-Graduation-Gerard Braud

– by Gerard Braud Think about it: Today’s college graduates have spent half of their lives on mobile devices and social media. This was the inspiration behind the idea of going to social media to ask the world to provide wisdom for me to share with the 2015 Fall Graduates of Louisiana Tech. It was a […]