Share Your Opinions: When Should Your CEO Be Your Spokesperson?

By Gerard Braud –   The debate over who should be the company spokesperson for media interviews continues between public relations professionals and corporate communicators. That is why this week we are asking for your expert opinion, “When should your CEO be your spokesperson?” Some media relations experts argue that the CEO should always be […]

Featuring Your Tips: Is it ever okay to ask a reporter a question?

By Gerard Braud – On Monday we polled the global online community of corporate communicators and public relations professionals to answer our PR discussion question, “Is it ever okay for the interviewee to ask a reporter a question?” Our BraudCast viewers and social media followers have weighed in with their expert opinions on the topic. […]

We Want to Hear From You: Is it Ever Okay to Ask a Reporter a Question?

By Gerard Braud – Corporate communicators, public relations people, and spokespeople who have been effectively media trained know that the interviewee wants to control their media interview. However, news reporters and journalists want to guide the interview. We want to hear from you this week by answering our PR discussion question, “Is it ever okay […]

Asking for your PR opinion: What is your best tip for writing great quotes for news releases?

By Gerard Braud –     As a corporate writer or public relations professional, capturing the attention of your audience and writing effective news releases, let alone great quotes, is not an easy task.  That is why I am asking you to contribute to our weekly communications and PR discussion questions by sharing your best advice with your […]

Featuring Your Answers: Getting Your Leader, CEO, Executive to a Media Training Class

By Gerard Braud – It can be very difficult for public relations and media relations professionals to persuade their CEO to schedule a media training class. All excuses are thrown on the table, such as, “it’s too expensive,” or “I have just don’t have the time.”  In some cases, your leader may be embarrassed  or […]

Sharing Your Advice on Talking to a Spokesperson After a Bad Media Interview

By Gerard Braud –     One messed up media interview can negatively impact your organization’s reputation and revenue. So, how do you, as a public relations professional, address your spokesperson after they have made mistakes in their media interview? On Monday I asked corporate communicators and media relations professionals for their best advice for […]

What’s the Best Way to Talk to Your Spokesperson About Their Messed Up Media Interview?

By Gerard Braud –   Media interviews are not easy, especially when you put senior level executives, CEOs, and spokespeople in front of the camera who have not had proper media training. Today I am asking you, the BraudCast viewers and the Braud Communications blog readers, for your best advice for talking to a spokesperson after they […]

You Answered “Does the CEO Need to be the Spokesperson Each Time in a Crisis?”

By Gerard Braud – On Monday we posed this public relations discussion question, “Does the CEO need to be the spokesperson each time in a crisis?” Corporate communications and media relations professionals weighed in on this topic, sharing their opinions on our social media accounts. Today  I’m sharing their answers in my follow-up video, as well as my crisis […]

Maverick Media Training: 3 Secrets to Greater Media Interview Success

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By Gerard Braud (Editor’s note: You can learn more about this topic by attending Gerard Braud’s pre-conference session at the IABC World Conference in New Orleans. Register for only $250 today. “Rise to Perfection in Media Interviews” on Sunday, June 5, 2016 from 1:30–4:30 p.m.) Have you ever put a spokesperson through media training, only […]

Discussing Your Media Relations Tips: Is It Ever Okay to Ask a Reporter a Question?

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By Gerard Braud – Earlier this week we posed a discussion question for corporate communicators and public relations professionals. They have weighed in by posting on social media and in today’s video I am sharing their tips as well as my expert opinion. One of our contributors says it is sometimes okay to ask a […]