Rethink Social Media Crisis Communications

Crisis Scenario "When It Hits the Fan"

By Gerard Braud Do you follow the herd or do you set your own course? The “herd” mentality of social media is finally changing. Which herd were you originally in? Which herd are you in now? In public relations and marketing, the headline could have read, “Gerard Braud Is the Social Media Lone Wolf.” It […]

You answered: Should social media be a part of your crisis communications strategy?

By Gerard Braud – Social media has changed the way that corporate communicators must react to effectively manage a crisis. This week public relations and media relations professionals from all over the world shared their advice on whether or not social media should be part of their crisis communication strategy. Their expert opinion is featured today and every week on the […]

BraudCast Answer: How do you get your executives to buy into the concept of using social media if your organization is not yet using it?

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By Gerard Braud – Some communicators are still trying to make a case to their executives to use social media for their organization.  They may be trying to persuade their senior level executives or their board members that social media is not just a form of outbound marketing, but it can be used strategically for […]

BraudCast Question: How do you get your executives to buy into the concept of using social media if your organization is not yet using it?

execs social media gerard braud

By Gerard Braud – This week the BraudCast question is, “How do you get your executives to buy into the concept of using social media if your organization is not yet using it?” Your executives may be more traditional in their communication skills. They may be hesitant about opening their organization up to harsh criticism online, […]

Hurricane Katrina Truth #3– Stop Repeating the Problems

Katrina Braud

By Gerard Braud – On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina devastating New Orleans, and coastal Louisiana and Mississippi, I’m reflecting on the old adage that says, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.” New Orleans can easily flood from another hurricane. I wrote about that […]

Hurricane Season Crisis & Emergency Communications: Why You Should be a CNN iReporter

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By Gerard Braud — The future of crisis and emergency communications in hurricanes, natural disasters and other weather related events,  is in creating CNN iReports. It is a brilliant way to add to your crisis communications and media relations strategy. This strategy is perfect for public information officers (PIOs), emergency managers, and any corporate communications […]

Crisis Communications Through Technology and Social Media: The Earthquake Video

nepal earthquake

By Gerard Braud – The day is coming when you will need to be an expert in crisis communication using smart phone technology and social media. Actually, you should already be an expert and it is just a matter of time before we discover if you are prepared. Saturday morning I turned on the Today […]

When “It” Hits the Fan: A Crisis Communication Lesson on Speediness


By Gerard Braud – It’s an honor to be invited to deliver the morning keynote presentation today to the SynGas 2015 Conference in Tulsa. You can view today’s handout here. The crisis communications lessons being discussed on stage serve as a reminder to everyone in the C-Suite, in emergency response, and in public relations, that […]

#FireBrittMcHenry: The ESPN Media & Social Media Crisis

britt mchenry

By Gerard Braud– How would you or your company handle the situation if one of your employees did what ESPN reporter Britt McHenry did? A media and social media crisis has been created for ESPN and McHenry when a video was posted that showed McHenry berating an employee of an auto towing company. At this […]

In Defense of Social Media

By Greg Davis – [Editors Note from Gerard Braud – Today we have a guest blog from Greg Davis of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative. Greg wrote this as a follow up to my March 5, 2015 blog about utility companies avoiding a crisis by communicating with customers who take their complaints about high electric bills […]