Tutorial #17 Using Skype as Part of Your Crisis Communications Plan

Tutorial #17 by Gerard Braud – As more media outlets cut back on the size of their news staff, they are seeking more videos provided by eyewitnesses or experts. This is where you come in… and this creates a huge opportunity for you. I am publishing this series of tutorials to show corporate spokespeople, public information officers […]

Tutorial #12: How to Create Proper Lighting When Creating Videos on Your Smartphone

Tutorial # 12 By Gerard Braud – Public relations professionals, emergency managers, corporate spokespeople and public information officers (PIO) need to create quality smartphone videos to communicate with their audiences effectively during their crises. Among many elements to consider when creating your own smartphone video, lighting is another tricky, but crucial one. After viewing this […]

Tutorial #11: Where to Look When Using Your iPhone or iPad for a Smartphone Selfie Video

Tutorial #11 By Gerard Braud – Learning to properly shoot smartphone videos as part of your crisis communications and media relations strategy is a skill every corporate spokesperson, Public Information Officer (PIO), or public relations professional should practice and perfect. You will want to also include training for your emergency manager who heads your emergency […]

Tutorial #10 How to Manage the Expectations of Your Audience When Shooting Smartphone Videos During Your Crisis

Tutorial #10 By Gerard Braud – When making smartphone videos or CNN iReports, you need to plan your storytelling. Whether you are  communicating as a public relations spokesperson,  a Public Information Officer (PIO) for a federal or state agency, or for state, county or local government, it is crucial to manage the expectations of your […]

Tutorial #9: Smartphone Videos for Crisis Communications Start by Saying the Right Thing

Tutorial #9 by Gerard Braud – This tutorial is part of a series of articles posted in the month of June that explain how to be a good iReporter and how to make CNN iReports, or smartphone videos a vital part of your crisis communication and media relations strategy. The tutorials are more relevant than […]

Tutorial #8: Telling Compare and Contrast Stories to the Media During Hurricane Season

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Tutorial #8 by Gerard Braud – As mentioned in all my tutorials this month, my goal for you, if you are a spokesperson, public relations expert, or Public Information Officer (PIO) for a government agency, is to make iReports part of your crisis communication and media relations plan. Now I’m asking you to think in […]

Tutorial #7 How You Can Be the Source of Breaking News During Hurricane Season

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Tutorial #7 by Gerard Braud – This month when you visit this blog, you will learn secrets about how and why you should be crazy about iReports and using smart phones and tablets to broadcast to the world. In this blog in particular, you can learn how you can be the source of breaking news […]

Tutorial #6: Crisis Communications Technology for Hurricane Season

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Tutorial #6 by CNN iReporter Evangelist Gerard Braud – In order to shoot your own videos to tell the story of your crisis, it is crucial that you have the right technology. Having the right crisis communications tools will help you communicate quickly and effectively to your audiences on your darkest day, whether your organization faces […]

Tutorial #5: Hurricane Season Crisis Communications Lessons from Hurricane Isaac

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Tutorial #5 By CNN iReporter Evangelist Gerard Braud – So far this month, we have reviewed why you should be a CNN iReporter, or at the very least why you should learn to effectively shoot your own smartphone videos. We have learned how to set up your CNN iReporter account and how to determine what is […]

Hurricane Season Tutorial #4: When Shooting Smart Phone Videos Consider “What is News?”

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Tutorial #4 By Gerard Braud, CNN iReporter Evangelist – Creating and filming your own CNN iReports or smartphone videos is a useful tool for communicating with the media, your employees, your customers, and key stakeholders in your crisis. Not only is it a useful tool during hurricane season, but it is useful during any crisis […]