Crisis Communications Discussion Question: What should your first words be in a media interview?

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It can be challenging and nerve-racking to start off a media interview. Should you introduce yourself if the interviewer doesn’t? Should you greet your audiences or the interviewer? Should you review how this process will go with your interviewer? Should you thank your listeners for tuning in, for reading, or for watching? Do your first […]

Public Relations Question: What’s the Best Piece of PR Advice You Were Ever Given?

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PR advice can come from industry professionals, online articles such as PRnews or PR Newswire, or it may come from your former or current educators. PR tips can be spread across social media from consultants and crisis management professionals. So, how do you sort through all of the daily influx of information? What is that […]

Stop Unselling: Crisis Communications Tip for United Airlines


By Gerard Braud Are you constantly amazed by how companies unsell you as a customer? Think about the millions of dollars spent and hours invested trying to get you to buy. Then in a heartbeat, they unsell you. When will companies learn to Stop Unselling? United Airlines had done just that with the video of […]

Is it ever appropriate to say “no comment” in a media interview? Your PR Tips

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This week’s crisis communications and media relations question was, “Is it ever appropriate to say “no comment” in a media interview?” You have watched many lawyers, spokespeople, celebrities, and CEOs walk out of a courtroom or out of their office as the media shoves microphones in their face asking negative questions. “No comment!” they say […]

Should men wear makeup in a media interview? Media Relations Discussion Question


In this video, crisis communications expert Gerard Braud asks media relations, public relations, and corporate communications professionals, “Should men wear makeup in a media interview?” We can all remember a time when a certain President was looking extra tired or ill on camera. It’s also clear when a CEO doing a media interview has way […]

Sharing Your Tips for Writing Great Quotes for News Releases

By Gerard Braud – Writing quotes for news releases is no easy feat. Corporate communicators and public relations professionals know that when they write a quote it must sound authentic, heartfelt when necessary, and even unscripted.  They want to make their spokesperson sound credible, professional, and quote-worthy. Earlier this week posed a discussion question on social media […]

Media Relations Question: What’s the Best Way to Get in Touch with a Busy Reporter?

By Gerard Braud – The media are often difficult to get in touch with when you have something positive happening to your company, school, or organization, however, in a crisis, they are knocking at your door instantly.  Corporate communications and public relations professionals know how important it is to establish a good relationship with the media […]

Please weigh in: Should companies have a social media policy for employees?

By Gerard Braud – There is an abundance of human resource policies out there in the corporate world, but is your company or organization really covering the pressing issues that social media can raise? With today’s communications running at the speed of Twitter, your employees could present a reputation and revenue damaging crisis for your […]

Please share your thoughts: Is it ever appropriate to talk off the record?

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By Gerard Braud – Should you ever talk off the record to a reporter? This is a question we are posing on the BraudCast YouTube Channel for corporate communications, public relations, and media relations professionals. We are asking you to weigh in this week on our social media pages with your expert advice. Maybe you […]

You Answered: What is the Best Way to Get in Touch with a Busy Reporter?

By Gerard Braud – Public relations and communications professionals know that it takes a long term relationship with the media in order to grab their attention. That is why I asked for your bite-sized bits of best practices for getting in touch with busy reporters. Senior communicators weighed in on our social media accounts and […]