Public Relations Question: What’s the Best Piece of PR Advice You Were Ever Given?

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PR advice can come from industry professionals, online articles such as PRnews or PR Newswire, or it may come from your former or current educators. PR tips can be spread across social media from consultants and crisis management professionals. So, how do you sort through all of the daily influx of information? What is that […]

What’s the Best Way to Get to Know Your Local Reporters?

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It is crucial for your business, company, or organization to have effective media relations with local reporters. When you are facing a crisis, local reporters will be responsible for telling your story, especially when you don’t issue a public statement within the first hour. They will also be the first to knock on your door […]

Crisis Communications Question: Is it ever appropriate to say “no comment” in a media interview?

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We have all heard it before, lawyers, spokespeople, celebrities, and CEOs walking out of a courtroom or out of their office as the media shoves microphones in their face asking negative questions. “No comment!” they say as they quickly jump into their car and drive off. Is that an appropriate response? Does it depend on […]

How long should an online video be?

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To help out our public relations community, this week’s PR and media relations discussion question is, “How long should an online video be?” As corporate communicators, marketing professionals, and PR pros, we all want our content to be shared and liked by the masses. We may even use online videos, such as YouTube or Vimeo […]

What should you do with your hands in a media interview? PR Discussion Question

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Should you sit with your hands folded together? If you are standing, should they be clasped as well? Or should you make the appropriate hand gestures as you speak? What could your nonverbals be saying about you during your media interview? It may seem like a simple question, but every minute detail counts when you […]

Why do they say men should wear makeup in a media interview?

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Should men feel uncomfortable about wearing makeup on camera? Could it help them to look more attractive? Could it help them increase their credibility? Or is it just a “Hollywood” custom that isn’t really necessary for men doing a media interview? Have you seen any men whose makeup looked bad in a TV interview? Or […]

Best Way to Write a Crisis Communications Plan : PR Discussion

Best tip for writing a crisis communication plan

Writing a crisis communications plan can be daunting, and look like a task too big to tackle. Even the best public relations professionals and corporate communications professionals can really struggle to write an effective crisis communication plan. That’s why we often see so many companies using a plan that they found online. We have seen […]

How Do You Stop Saying “Um” in a Media Interview? Tips from PR Experts

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Does practice make perfect? Does effective media training help spokespeople to ditch such distracting fillers? How can you tell if you are unconsciously using them? How many “ums” is too many? Talking to the media can be intimidating, especially because your brand, reputation, and revenue are at stake. Even the best spokespeople, public relations professionals, […]

How do you stop saying “um” in a media interview?

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Talking to the media can be intimidating, especially because your brand, reputation, and revenue are at stake. Even the best spokespeople, public relations professionals, and CEOs can really struggle to do effective media interviews. It can be difficult not to use verbal fillers such as “um,” “uh,” and “like” in our everyday language, let alone […]

What should you do if you are in the middle of a television interview and you know you’ve said something wrong? Tips from PR Experts

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Corporate communications professionals, public relations spokespeople, and senior level executives must be trained on how to effectively speak to the media. Media training is crucial for company spokespeople to maintain or improve their organization’s brand, reputation, and revenue. So, why do so many media interviews go so wrong? What can a spokesperson do to correct […]