How to Write a Crisis Communications Plan Part 2

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud shares the second step in writing a crisis communications plan, based on his customized 5-step plan for effective crisis communication.

How to Write a Crisis Communications Plan? Start With a Vulnerability Assessment

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC “How to write a crisis communications plan” is a popular search topic for public relations professionals at the beginning of a new year. If you are one of those people, EXCELLENT! You are off to a great start for the year. To achieve your goal, you may want to […]

Start the New Year with Continuity and Not New Year’s Resolutions

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Here we are at the beginning of a new year. It’s that time of year where people make New Year’s Resolutions… most of which they abandon before the month is over. What if instead of resolutions you selected continuity? And what if the goal you set was to protect […]

How to Get Crisis Communications Training on Your 2020 Calendar

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC December is filled with end of year meetings, budget reviews, and overall wrap up of your budget year. Not to mention your calendar is booked with office parties, gift-giving, and a to-do list the length of your arm. That’s why January is the time to plan your crisis communications strategy […]

Crisis Communications Case Study from California Wildfires and PG&E

Crisis expert Gerard Braud shares a number of crisis communications lessons for companies to learn based off of the decisions PG&E has made in the California Wildfire crisis.

Who Should I Communicate with First in a Crisis?

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud shares how you can identify who your stakeholders are in a crisis and how you should communicate with them.

Should You Use a Written Statement or a Video Statement for Crisis Communications?

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud shares the pros and cons of issuing written statements versus video statements in a crisis.

When is the Flash Point of a Crisis?

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud discusses the flash point of a crisis and why it should matter to corporate communicators, public relations professionals, and business owners whose brand, reputation, and revenue could be impacted by a crisis.

Is There a Difference Between a Crisis and a Disaster?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Technically, a disaster is a crisis. However, your organization can experience a crisis that is technically not a disaster. In crisis communications and in your crisis communication plan, your organization should plan for two types of crises. A sudden crisis A smoldering crisis What is the difference between a […]

5-Day Crisis Communications Challenge Synopsis

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  In January 2019, you were issued a dare to participate in the 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Video Course. Some of you have taken the challenge and you’ve become expert communicators. Some of you kicked the can down the road. No worries can-kickers. You can become a crisis […]

How to Do a Crisis Simulation Exercise?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  A crisis communications drill is the best way to test your crisis communications plan, your crisis communications news releases, your designated crisis spokespeople, and your crisis management team. You’ve been challenged this week to renew your focus in September on crisis communications. The challenge specifically dares you to complete […]

How to Media Train a Spokesperson for a Crisis?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC In the world of media training and media interviews, there are some serious flaws that you should avoid. These are especially true when you have to do a media interview during a crisis. Here are a few: Media training is not about how to be fast on your feet; […]

How to Write News Releases for Your Crisis Communications Plan?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  There is an old expression that says, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” In the world of crisis communications and crisis communications plans, that saying should sum up the concept of planning and preparing. Why would you wait to decide what to do in a […]

Crisis Plans, Crisis Preparation, Crisis Practice & Crisis Perfections = Crisis Communications Expert

Crisis expert Gerard Braud asks corporate communications professionals to focus on their crisis communications plan efforts for the next five days, and includes strategies to conquer a crisis plan in five separate parts.