Can You Handle a Crisis When it Hits by Winging It?

This video asks the question, “Should a PR person prepare for a crisis or should they wing it and rely on hope?” You may know the obvious answer, but you might be surprised to know that too many PR professionals still wing their response to a crisis. Planning it requires writing vulnerability assessments, writing a […]

Crisis Management Lessons from Hurricane Katrina vs. COVID19

They may sound totally different, but there are so many similarities in the ways that people deal with crises. There are so many crisis communications lessons we can learn from crises of the past, and present, to prepare for our future. Watch this video to learn to prepare for your crisis, to protect your reputation, […]

Crisis Communication Strategy: Never Waste a Good Crisis

Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, “Never waste a good crisis.” How does that apply to crisis communications, public relations, and you? Should you care what that statement means? The truth is, there is always something to learn from a crisis. From crises, we can build our crisis management teams, we can learn to communicate […]

Is Social Media a Good Tool for Crisis Communications?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  When a crisis hits, should you be engaging on social media with your clients, customers, and stakeholders? Is it better to comment, provide updates, and feedback on social media or to stay silent? Is it the BEST crisis communications tool or just part of your communications toolbox? As a […]

Your October Assignment: The Truth About Vulnerability Assessments During COVID-19

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Sexiest, teasing headline you’ve ever read, huh? Makes you want to put on your old t-shirt that says, “Only Real Men & Women Do Regular Vulnerability Assessments.” Joking aside, you need to get on this. Here is the how and why… We’re 8-9 months into a crisis that should […]