10 a.m. Update – Hurricane Zeta will be hitting me today. I am evacuating. I may or may not be on the chat during the presentation. Feel free to Tweet to me real-time @gbraud or email me real-time at gerard@braudcommunications.com and I will answer your questions. Crisis Communications in the Age of COVID-19: PRSA ICON 2020 Presentation

It was both the weirdest and most challenging presentation to prepare for. After years of preparing my presentations for PRSA, this particular presentation for PRSA ICON2020 has adapted and evolved in a number of ways due to the smoldering COVID-19 crisis.

What I can promise to you crisis communications and public relations professionals, is valuable lessons on what has gone right, what has gone wrong, what we can do moving forward, case studies, tools, and takeaways that you can start using immediately in your organization.

See you on October 28, 3PM Eastern Time.

Download the slides here if you would like to prepare, take notes, review, or debrief: https://braudcommunications.com/prsa/

Use this link to schedule a free, private call, or in other words, a virtual “drink” with me after the presentation to debrief, discuss, and ask questions: https://calendly.com/braud/15min

For the video course to write your crisis communications plan visit: https://braudcommunications.com/5-steps-to-effective-crisis-communications/

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