4 Covid-19 Crisis Communication Tips As America Reopens

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Reopening after Covid-19 requires expert crisis communications on your part. Not because you have a crisis, but because this situation could rise to the level of a crisis. So today we share four tips as America reopens in phases. As I write this, various states and communities in the […]

How to Do a Remote Media Interview: COVID-19 Media Training Tips

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud provides a number of media training tips for doing home media interviews.

COVID-19 Crisis Communications Tips – Webinar Recording

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Crisis experts Bill Coletti and Gerard Braud share their insights and top recommendations on “what’s next” and what to do in this very uncertain phase between shutting down and re-opening for business. In addition to the webinar recording, please feel free to share the Slide deck with your colleagues. […]

COVID-19 Media Interviews: Share Your Thoughts

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has spawned new aspects of crisis communications and media interviews. Behold, the social distancing media interview done from your computer in your home. What do you think about these interviews? Your assignment for the day is to: Watch TV Take a photo of an interview […]

COVID 19 Crisis Communications Update: March 17, 2020

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  In crisis communication, the burden is shared between your leadership team and your communications team, to give clear directives to your employees, your customers, your stakeholders, and the media. Nothing undermines the credibility of a leader during a crisis more than when their actions don’t match their words.  Be […]

Coronavirus Covid19 Crisis Communication Tip: It’s as Simple as A-B-C

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud provides strategies for business professionals, executives, public relations professionals, companies, and organizations to manage the expectations of their employees, customers, and stakeholders during the Coronavirus Covid 19 crisis using effective crisis communications.

How to Write a Coronavirus Crisis Communications Plan?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Coronavirus is spreading and if you are in public relations, emergency management, or business continuity, you need to be preparing and using your crisis communications tools. You may be asking: Do I need a coronavirus crisis communications plan? How do I write a coronavirus crisis communications plan? Those are […]