PR and Communications People: It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your Life

By Gerard Braud Public relations and corporate communications professionals: It’s time to look at your life. The kids are back in school. The Labor Day weekend is behind you. Co-workers have all wrapped up their summer vacations. For the first time since Memorial Day the entire staff is all in one place at one time. What […]

Public Relations Question: What Role Should Your Internal Communications Team Play in a Crisis?

By Gerard Braud –   We are asking corporate communicators and public relations professionals, “What role should your internal communications team play during a crisis?” We want to hear your best advice for this corporate communications question.  When have you seen an internal communications team handle a crisis well? Or, have you seen unqualified or […]

Corporate Whitewashing

By Gerard Braud The NFL now has two strikes against it for throwing money at advocacy groups and causes as a way to make it appear they care about an issue. Is this corporate whitewashing? It wasn’t until concussion issues became part of a high-profile lawsuit that the NFL began donating money to groups who […]

Experts in Crisis Communication Agree: Home Depot Tweet Gone Wrong: 5 Things Your Public Relations Team Should Do Right Now

By Gerard Braud Experts in crisis communication know social media in corporate communications is highly likely to lead to a crisis. I would say more brands are likely to be harmed than helped by a social media brand page. Home Depot leaders acted swiftly to fire an outside agency and an employee who posted a […]