4 Crisis Communications Considerations About Current Events

By Gerard Braud What do you think about the riots, protests, political unrest, all during the pandemic? Before you verbalize your answer, think not just about your answer to the question, but also the impact your answer could have on the reputation and revenue of your business. This is especially true for those of you who […]

How is Gardening Like Crisis Communications Planning?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC How does your personal life reflect who you are in your professional life? In my life it is easy. All you have to do is look at my backyard garden. It personifies my professional life in crisis communications planning. Two things about this garden should catch your attention. First: […]

2019 January Forgiveness for Your Crisis Communications Planning

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Here we are in late January and guess what? You are already falling behind. You set PR and […]

2019 Crisis Communications Goal Setting: 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC January is the time to plan your crisis communications strategy for 2019. Start by learning about the 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications and spreading the task out over the four quarters of the year. A free 5-part video series is online here to get you started: Quarter 1 […]

3 #MeToo Sexual Misconduct Considerations for CBS: Lessons in Crisis Communications & Public Relations

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Variety magazine is writing about the CBS public relations crisis surrounding the sexual misconduct allegations against CEO Les Moonves. Many of you reading this blog could be faced with similar allegations against one of your executives and wondering what you should do and how you should handle such a potential […]

The Biggest Lie in Crisis Communications

  By Gerard Braud Regarding crisis communications and crisis communications plans, does this adage apply? “The person who says something can’t be done is always right.” In so many crises, public relations professionals and the media proclaim phrases such as, “This is unprecedented. You can’t prepare for this.” Pardon me, but that’s bull$h*t. As a defiant, non-conformist, […]

Crisis Communications Tips on: The Best Piece of Advice on Writing News Releases

In order to engage and interact with corporate communications professionals, and share best practices with our online public relations community, this week’s crisis communications discussion question was, “What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given for writing a news release?” What is that one tip that someone once shared with you that you remember each time […]

What’s the Best Piece of Crisis Communication Advice You Were Ever Given?

Crisis communications skills are often studied as a “niche” within the public relations industry. Maybe you have been educated before on crisis communication, attending presentations, sitting in classrooms, joining professional PR associations like PRSA or PRSSA, hearing from advisors, professors, instructors, and professional speakers. Maybe you have heard some expert crisis management tips from your colleagues, or an influential […]

PR Tips on: Which is more important in a media interview – emotion or details?

It is crucial for your business, company, school, or organization to have effective media relations, effective media interviews, and to express the right emotions at the right times to your audience members. It is also important for you to tell the story of your crisis to your audience and include necessary information, rather than allowing reporters […]

Crisis Communications Discussion Question: What should your first words be in a media interview?

It can be challenging and nerve-racking to start off a media interview. Should you introduce yourself if the interviewer doesn’t? Should you greet your audiences or the interviewer? Should you review how this process will go with your interviewer? Should you thank your listeners for tuning in, for reading, or for watching? Do your first […]

Public Relations Question: What’s the Best Piece of PR Advice You Were Ever Given?

PR advice can come from industry professionals, online articles such as PRnews or PR Newswire, or it may come from your former or current educators. PR tips can be spread across social media from consultants and crisis management professionals. So, how do you sort through all of the daily influx of information? What is that […]

Stop Unselling: Crisis Communications Tip for United Airlines

By Gerard Braud Are you constantly amazed by how companies unsell you as a customer? Think about the millions of dollars spent and hours invested trying to get you to buy. Then in a heartbeat, they unsell you. When will companies learn to Stop Unselling? United Airlines had done just that with the video of […]

Is it ever appropriate to say “no comment” in a media interview? Your PR Tips

This week’s crisis communications and media relations question was, “Is it ever appropriate to say “no comment” in a media interview?” You have watched many lawyers, spokespeople, celebrities, and CEOs walk out of a courtroom or out of their office as the media shoves microphones in their face asking negative questions. “No comment!” they say […]

Should men wear makeup in a media interview? Media Relations Discussion Question

In this video, crisis communications expert Gerard Braud asks media relations, public relations, and corporate communications professionals, “Should men wear makeup in a media interview?” We can all remember a time when a certain President was looking extra tired or ill on camera. It’s also clear when a CEO doing a media interview has way […]

Sharing Your Tips for Writing Great Quotes for News Releases

By Gerard Braud – Writing quotes for news releases is no easy feat. Corporate communicators and public relations professionals know that when they write a quote it must sound authentic, heartfelt when necessary, and even unscripted.  They want to make their spokesperson sound credible, professional, and quote-worthy. Earlier this week posed a discussion question on social media […]

Media Relations Question: What’s the Best Way to Get in Touch with a Busy Reporter?

By Gerard Braud – The media are often difficult to get in touch with when you have something positive happening to your company, school, or organization, however, in a crisis, they are knocking at your door instantly.  Corporate communications and public relations professionals know how important it is to establish a good relationship with the media […]

Please weigh in: Should companies have a social media policy for employees?

By Gerard Braud – There is an abundance of human resource policies out there in the corporate world, but is your company or organization really covering the pressing issues that social media can raise? With today’s communications running at the speed of Twitter, your employees could present a reputation and revenue damaging crisis for your […]

Please share your thoughts: Is it ever appropriate to talk off the record?

By Gerard Braud – Should you ever talk off the record to a reporter? This is a question we are posing on the BraudCast YouTube Channel for corporate communications, public relations, and media relations professionals. We are asking you to weigh in this week on our social media pages with your expert advice. Maybe you […]

You Answered: What is the Best Way to Get in Touch with a Busy Reporter?

By Gerard Braud – Public relations and communications professionals know that it takes a long term relationship with the media in order to grab their attention. That is why I asked for your bite-sized bits of best practices for getting in touch with busy reporters. Senior communicators weighed in on our social media accounts and […]

You answered: Are News Releases Dead?

By Gerard Braud – This week we asked corporate communicators and public relations professionals all over the world, “Are news releases dead?” Are they an effective way to communicate to the media and your audiences? Here is what your colleagues said.  Make sure to subscribe here to the weekly question so you can contribute next week.     […]

BraudCast Question: When Should Your CEO Be Your Spokesperson?

By Gerard Braud – Some public relations professionals and corporate communicators argue that the CEO should always be the spokesperson for effective communications, while others say it should be a public relations professional. When is it appropriate for the CEO to be the corporate spokesperson? Please share your opinion with us. This question is one […]

Please Share Your Public Relations Smarts: Here is How

Because you are so darn smart, it is time to share YOUR smarts. Your bite size bits of best practices are valuable to others just like you. So — ta-dah, drum roll – behold, The BraudCast 2.0 where you are invited to share your best practices in public relations, media relations, social media, crisis communications […]

Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan

By Gerard Braud – Why are so many powerful people oblivious to the potent, negative power of social media? Every day there is a new crisis communication case study and today it is from Aaron Schock, who has resigned as Congressman from Illinois. Schock created his own crisis with excessive selfies and posts on social […]

Did the SNL ISIS Skit Go Too Far? A Lesson in Opinion Based Crisis Communications

By Gerard Braud – In the classic sense, it is not a crisis, but there is an underlying crisis communications lesson regarding the Saturday Night Live sketch on February 28, 2015. Social media is buzzing with opinions about whether SNL went too far. SNL mocked a commercial where a father drops his daughter at the […]

When “It Hits the Fan: Effective Communications for Critical Times

By Gerard Braud — The need for crisis communication has never been greater. The need for speed in crisis communications has never been greater. The reality is that if you experience an incident that the public knows about, you should be communicating to them about it in one hour or less. The biggest problem with […]

Crisis Communications & Media Relations Strategies for Winter Storm Juno

By Gerard Braud Good media interview skills, a properly written crisis communications plan, and command of technology will be critical in the next few days as winter weather moves across the United States, especially into the Northeastern states. Good crisis communications means now is the time to begin managing the expectations of your customers, citizens and employees. Many […]

How Do I Get a Seat at the Table? Times of Crisis Management and Crisis Communications Present an Opportunity

Public relations people constantly ask, “How do I get a seat at the table?” The short answer for now is to take advantage of the Ebola hysteria. The seats are not handed out at the table. The seats are taken. During a time of crisis or potential crisis, leadership can be displayed by those who […]

Ebola Crisis Communications, Finding God, and Your Leadership Team

Executives and crisis communications enthusiasts remind me of criminals who find God 15 minutes after then enter prison, then forget God 15 minutes after they are back on the street. Here’s why… True story from this week: The president of an institution wants crisis communications help now! Why? Because a crisis is at their door, […]

Ebola Crisis Communications Plan Question: Would an Expert Approve My Plan?

An expert would ask you these questions: 1. Count the pages of your crisis communications plan. If it is 6-10 pages long, it is likely only a list of standard operating procedures and not a true plan. Most organizations have been lead to believe this is a plan. My description is that this is little […]

5 Ebola Crisis Communications Considerations

By Gerard Braud Your personality type may decide the fate of your crisis communication response if the Ebola crisis touches your company (or the company for your work for.) On one extreme is the personality that says, “It’s too soon. Maybe we should watch it and wait and see.” On the other extreme are those […]

Ebola Crisis Communication Planning and Crisis Management Planning

Is it too soon to talk about your Ebola crisis communications strategies and plan? A New York based public relations professional asked me that question today. I responded by saying, “Why wait? One week ago no one in Dallas gave Ebola crisis communications a second thought. Today, at lease 14 businesses and government entities have […]

Ethics and Honesty in a Crisis

Conspiracy to hide the truth is not an effective form of crisis management. Telling a lie is not an effective form of crisis communications. When those who should be leaders all decide that telling the truth could be harmful to an institution, and hide it, you can bet their bad ethics will catch up with […]

The NFL’s Commitment to a One-Year Crisis: 7 Mistakes Causing the Crisis to Drag On

By Gerard Braud What expert would advise their client to let a crisis drag on for one year? I suspect the answer is zero. But the NFL’s failure at crisis management and crisis communications essentially means that the punch Ray Rice threw on Valentine’s Day 2014 will have repercussions through February 14, 2015. Here is […]

Gerard Braud Shares NFL Crisis Communications Advice With Radio Host Kate Delaney of America Tonight and NBC Sports Radio

As the communication silence continues from the NFL, everyone wants to know when the crisis will end. Kate Delaney called Gerard Braud for his expert opinion on the crisis.

NFL Failed Crisis Management Amid Sponsor Pressure

By Gerard Braud The NFL’s failed crisis management is hitting them in the wallet. It is hitting teams hard, as players under suspicion of wrong-doing are singled out. It shows weakness of leadership to not manage a crisis properly from the beginning. It shows failure of leadership not to communicate a response properly from the […]

The Financial Impact of Failed Crisis Management and Failed Crisis Communications

By Gerard Braud What is your plan when the crisis of another entity becomes your crisis, forcing upon you a crisis communications challenge? Observe the NFL crisis as it spreads, causing damage to the reputation and revenue of various teams, players and sponsors. You would think the NFL would have an inside or outside expert […]

Crisis Communications: When Social Media is Mandatory, When it is Optional, and When it is Useless in a Crisis

By Gerard Braud Many thanks to Shel Holtz for his crisis communications podcast that explores whether there is ever a right time to take your social media sites dark during a crisis. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Some folks are appalled at the suggestion of taking a social media site dark and they […]

Social Media Is Not Always the Right Fit for Reaching Your Audience in Every Crisis

By Gerard Braud When I mentioned on a blog and BraudCast video recently that sometimes in a crisis, taking your brand Facebook page dark may be the best option, I expected a lot of pushback or differing points of view. Crisis colleague Melissa Agnes posted the observations below and I want to share them with […]

A Crisis Plan vs. a Crisis Communications Plan

By Gerard Braud One of the greatest problems in crisis management today is a lack of consistent definitions and names for the various plans needed by a business. You may read this and recognize you don’t have what you need. Crisis Plan Many companies have a document that they call a “Crisis Plan.” What they […]

Social Media When It Hits the Fan: NRECA Connect ’14 Conference Teach Back

By Gerard Braud Last week at the NRECA Connect 14 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, you participated in the  “Social Media When It Hits the Fan” presentation. Now I want to help you encourage your co-op managers to be better prepared for crisis communications, as well as to better understand social media and where social media […]

Crisis Team Truths

By Gerard Braud Many public relations people call their Crisis Communications Team a Crisis Team. The problem is, many other people in the same organization also claim to have a Crisis Team. We have word confusion. Every company should have these teams: 1. Crisis Management Team 2. Crisis Communications Team 3. Incident Command Team or […]

Crisis Plan Truths

By Gerard Braud Many public relations people who need a Crisis Communications Plan search for the words “crisis plan.” This leads to problems. Sometimes, as soon as you type the word “crisis,” your browser will auto fill with these options: Crisis Plan Template Crisis Plan Free Template Crisis Management Plan Crisis Communications Plan (with an […]

GM Hires Crisis Communication Expert

By Gerard Braud GM has hired a Crisis Communication Expert to help the company communicate their way out of a crisis surrounding their faulty ignition switches, according to headlines. Why do companies hire crisis communications experts after a crisis? Why don’t companies hire a crisis communications expert before they ever have a crisis? Why don’t […]

Postpone Your Crisis: Crisis Communication Wisdom with a Twist

By Gerard Braud Consider this: scheduling your crisis may be the wave of the future. Rather than being ambushed and surprised by a sudden crisis, which forces you into crisis communication, consider the model used by many of your leaders who ignore my plea to plan for the worst. Here is how it works. Many […]

The Great Crisis Communication Lie: A Plan Can’t Anticipate Everything

By Gerard Braud It’s been said that the person who says something can’t be done is always right. Does this adage apply to crisis communication and crisis communications plans? The Malaysia Airlines crisis and communication challenges with the media and families have many in public relations saying, “This is unprecedented. You can’t prepare for this.” […]

Citizen Journalism: How Breaking News Got Broken and 5 Things You Need to Do Now

By Gerard Braud Watch the news coverage as winter storms move across the United States, leaving many people without power in the cold for up to two weeks. Much of this story is being told through the eyes of the so-called, “citizen journalists.” Citizen journalism is one of the reasons breaking news got broken. While […]

Experts in Crisis Communication Agree: Home Depot Tweet Gone Wrong: 5 Things Your Public Relations Team Should Do Right Now

By Gerard Braud Experts in crisis communication know social media in corporate communications is highly likely to lead to a crisis. I would say more brands are likely to be harmed than helped by a social media brand page. Home Depot leaders acted swiftly to fire an outside agency and an employee who posted a […]

Crisis Communications for Schools Part 2: Defining a Crisis and a Crisis Plan

By Gerard Braud For the purpose of our discussion in these articles, we will define a crisis this way: A crisis is any incident that may seriously affect the safety, function, operation, reputation and/or revenue of any organization, public or private. We will not debate or parse words as to whether what is called a […]

Crisis Communications 2010 and the Tiger Woods Scandal

By Gerard Braud It’s hard to believe that in 2010, people can still screw up public relations, crisis communications, crisis management and media relations, as much as Tiger Woods and his handlers. Friday’s statement by Woods was old school. It was bad. It was too little. It was too late. The Gerard Braud school of […]