What Does a Crisis Communications Drill Need to Test?

By Gerard Braud Prepare for your crisis on a clear sunny day. Your darkest day is the worst day to deal with a crisis. So, how do you do that? With a Crisis Communications Drill. A Crisis Communications Drill can simulate realistic emotions and pressures in a controlled environment, where you can mess up in private, rather than […]

Lesson 4: Test Your Crisis Communication Speed

By Gerard Braud How quickly can you get approval for and issue a statement to the media, your employees and other key stakeholders during a crisis? Your crisis communication plan should clearly spell out what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. It greatly disturbs me to see that some companies and government agencies think […]

Lesson 3: Test Your Crisis Communications Plan

By Gerard Braud There are many articles throughout this blog about what makes for a good crisis communications plan. I believe so many documents that proport to be crisis communications plans fall far short of what is needed to effectively communicate when “it” hits the fan. A great way to find out if your crisis […]