How to Write a Crisis Communication Plan Part 5: Your Crisis Drill

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Our crisis communication goal since the beginning of the year has been to focus on consistency and continuity, rather than short-term New Year’s resolutions. Today we look at effective ways to test your Crisis Communication Plan by holding a Crisis Communication Drill. Many organizations have crisis drills or exercises, […]

How to Do a Crisis Simulation Exercise?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  A crisis communications drill is the best way to test your crisis communications plan, your crisis communications news releases, your designated crisis spokespeople, and your crisis management team. You’ve been challenged this week to renew your focus in September on crisis communications. The challenge specifically dares you to complete […]

What Does a Crisis Communications Drill Need to Test?

By Gerard Braud Prepare for your crisis on a clear sunny day. Your darkest day is the worst day to deal with a crisis. So, how do you do that? With a Crisis Communications Drill. A Crisis Communications Drill can simulate realistic emotions and pressures in a controlled environment, where you can mess up in private, rather than […]

Lesson 11: Test Your Security Team During Your Crisis Communications Drill

By Gerard Braud While working with crisis communications clients, I provide a “first critical statement” template.  This template is intended to be read to the media, emailed to employees, and posted to the web in the first hour of a crisis when little is known about the emerging crisis. Some companies that operate facilities that […]

Lesson 10: Mock Media in Your Face at Your Crisis Communication Drill: Six Great Tips

By Gerard Braud A real crisis is a pressure cooker and your crisis communications drill should replicate that. The pressure causes the media to be intense and often abrupt. The media may appear hostile. You will see similarities between media and sharks that sense blood in the water. Your crisis communications drill must duplicate that. […]

Lesson 9: How to Keep Your Crisis Communications Drill Realistic?

By Gerard Braud What a nice complement I received today after a crisis communications drill with a nuclear power plant and four government agencies. The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness thanked our mock media team for the intense questioning and realism of our news mock conferences. “I participated in a crisis drill […]

Lesson 6: Who Should Participate in Your Crisis Communications Drill?

By Gerard Braud Various teams within your organization can organize crisis drills. If no one else within your company, government agency or non-profit is organizing an annual crisis drill, then individuals within the communications department can take the lead to organize a drill. Ideally, to get a well rounded drill you want to test your […]

Lesson 5: Equal Parts of Your Crisis Drill: Add Crisis Communication

By Gerard Braud  Too many crisis drills are lopsided. They are often organized by Emergency Managers who primarily want to measure the decision making and response time of those who must address the physical aspects of a crisis. Often missing from these drills is the realistic aspects of “pesky” reporters “getting in everybody’s way” and […]

Lesson 2: “This is a Drill”

By Gerard Braud Rule number one during a crisis communications drill is to never have anyone accidentally think a real crisis is happening, when it is not. Hence, in all written communications and on every phone conversation and radio conversation, you must generously use the phrase, “This is a Drill.” For phone calls, the first […]