COVID-19 Crisis Communications: How Much Worse Could It Get?

Crisis expert Gerard Braud describes how public relations and corporate communications professionals can and should prepare for managing multiple crises DURING the coronavirus pandemic, with employees and team members working remotely.

How to Write a Coronavirus Crisis Communications Plan?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  Coronavirus is spreading and if you are in public relations, emergency management, or business continuity, you need to be preparing and using your crisis communications tools. You may be asking: Do I need a coronavirus crisis communications plan? How do I write a coronavirus crisis communications plan? Those are […]

Coronavirus Crisis Communication Plan Update

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC The Coronavirus crisis is a perfect crisis communication case study that can encompass every one of the Five Steps to Effective Crisis Communications that we have focused on this year. In Crisis Communications Step 1, we focused on your Vulnerability Assessment. We mentioned that a Vulnerability Assessment should be […]

Media Training for Mobile and Other Crisis Communications Tips

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Media Training for Mobile is a new crisis communications and public relations specialty. It is the latest addition to our 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications series for the new year. Quick recap – this is the fifth week of the new year. You have been challenged in the […]

How to Write a Crisis Communications Plan? Use Pre-Written News Releases

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Two of the most popular crisis communication searches on Google are for these questions: How to Write a Crisis Communications Plan? Do I need a Crisis Communication Plan? As I sit writing this, I also have an expert eye on the television, where a real crisis is playing out. […]

Crisis Communications Case Study from California Wildfires and PG&E

Crisis expert Gerard Braud shares a number of crisis communications lessons for companies to learn based off of the decisions PG&E has made in the California Wildfire crisis.

5-Day Crisis Communications Challenge Synopsis

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC  In January 2019, you were issued a dare to participate in the 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Video Course. Some of you have taken the challenge and you’ve become expert communicators. Some of you kicked the can down the road. No worries can-kickers. You can become a crisis […]

Crisis Plans, Crisis Preparation, Crisis Practice & Crisis Perfections = Crisis Communications Expert

Crisis expert Gerard Braud asks corporate communications professionals to focus on their crisis communications plan efforts for the next five days, and includes strategies to conquer a crisis plan in five separate parts.

Are You Ready, Getting Ready, or Getting Ready to Get Ready?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Crisis Communications Expert How ready are you to communicate quickly, like an expert, in a crisis? Adjacent to your Business Continuity Plan should be your Crisis Communications Plan. Your crisis readiness should position your organization to communicate quickly with your employees, the media, your customers, your community, and other […]

Ebola Crisis Communications Plan Question: Would an Expert Approve My Plan?

An expert would ask you these questions: 1. Count the pages of your crisis communications plan. If it is 6-10 pages long, it is likely only a list of standard operating procedures and not a true plan. Most organizations have been lead to believe this is a plan. My description is that this is little […]

Crisis Communications for Schools Part 2: Defining a Crisis and a Crisis Plan

By Gerard Braud For the purpose of our discussion in these articles, we will define a crisis this way: A crisis is any incident that may seriously affect the safety, function, operation, reputation and/or revenue of any organization, public or private. We will not debate or parse words as to whether what is called a […]