Lesson 9: How to Keep Your Crisis Communications Drill Realistic?

By Gerard Braud What a nice complement I received today after a crisis communications drill with a nuclear power plant and four government agencies. The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness thanked our mock media team for the intense questioning and realism of our news mock conferences. “I participated in a crisis drill […]

Lesson 8: Which Team is in Charge During Your Crisis Drill?

By Gerard Braud I worked in drills in which I facilitate everything on behalf of the crisis communications team, while also developing the scenario for the drill. I’ve also worked in drills in which the emergency manager selects the drill scenario and acts as lead facilitator. Simultaneously, I facilitate only the cascading events dealing with […]

Lesson 4: Test Your Crisis Communication Speed

By Gerard Braud How quickly can you get approval for and issue a statement to the media, your employees and other key stakeholders during a crisis? Your crisis communication plan should clearly spell out what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. It greatly disturbs me to see that some companies and government agencies think […]

Lesson 1: Why Have a Crisis Communications Drill?

By Gerard Braud  Would you rather screw up in public or screw up in private? That’s really what a crisis communications drill is all about. On a clear sunny day you have the ability to practice for how you will respond and behave on your darkest day. A crisis communications drill is designed to allow […]