Is the NFL Brand in Crisis With Their Customer?

By Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC Please share your opinion. Is the NFL brand in crisis with their customers? Share your answers either here on this blog, watch the video here and comment on The BraudCast YouTube Channel, or Tweet your thoughts to us @gbraud. In the past two weeks we’ve seen a variety of […]

Super Bowl Media Interviews: How to Manipulate What a Reporter Writes

How often do you do a media interview with the intended goal of having a specific quote used by the media? It is one of my intended goals for every media spokesperson in every media training class I teach, and here’s why… Every reporter writes their story around your quote. And guess what? You can […]

Executive Media Training – Gerard Braud – New Orleans Saints – Super Bowl Parade

In the Executive Media Training classes I teach, I always emphasize the power of a verbatim quote as a key message, rather than relying on talking points and the ad lib problems associated with talking points. So to prove the power of a pre-planned, verbatim quote, I recently set out to literally be the one-in-a-million […]